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Caltrans METS Contracts 59A1074 & 59A1000

Contract 59A1074 - On-Call Materials Management, Engineering, Inspection and Testing Services for Statewide Construction Projects

PreScience managed the engineers and certified inspectors providing services to Caltrans construction and fabrication workload of over $2 Billion. We provided innovated billing and progress estimates for (5) subconsultants including material experts and laboratory specialists. Our team of Inspectors (AWS CWIs, ASNT Level II – PT, MT, UT, RT, NACE, PCIs, ACIs) and Engineers (CA PEs, CWIs, PCIs, ACIs) assist Caltrans with their materials testing and inspection program. This on‐Call contract required global availability and readiness for materials to be inspected and tested in Brazil, China, Korea, Japan, UK, Italy, Spain or as required at any given moment. We coordinated with Caltrans Dispatch in (3) separate offices in the State of California for inspections that mainly occur across the US.

Contract 59A1000 - Independent Quality Assurance - Materials Engineering, Inspection and Testing Services for the Gerald Desmond Bridge

PreScience is providing independent assurance sampling and testing (IAST) for Caltrans METS and the Port of Long Beach on California’s first cable stay bridge project spanning 2000 feet with 515-foot towers. 

PreScience staff are leading this independent source inspection team, overseeing the Design Builder’s Quality Program and their adherence to contract requirements, processes and procedures.  As part of our enhanced IQA role, we perform source inspection and testing in addition to the Design Builder’s Quality Program.  Our team is actively involved with project submittal reviews, fabrication, material testing, RFI’s, non-conformances, specification and material reviews, welding quality control plans, paint quality work plans, quality control and assurance meetings for field and fabrication across North America.

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