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Marsh Drive Bridge Replacement Over Walnut Creek


Contra Costa County Department of Public Works


Concord, CA


Stage 1 - Bridge CIDH Pile Foundations

Construction Cost

$10.5 Million (Estimated)


FHWA, Caltrans, CDFWL, RWQCB, PG&E, AT&T, Kinder Morgan, 

USACE, Phillips 66, CCWD, Contra Costa County, City of Concord,

Buchanan Airpot


The new 5-span bridge is approximately 340 feet long and 55 feet wide cast in place, reinforced, pre-stressed, voided concrete slab structure supported by 36-inch diameter drilled holed cast-in-placed concrete piles. To improve the roadway alignment and horizontal curve at the bridge, there will be approximately 350 to 500 linear feet of roadway approach work at each end of the bridge. The Project site is located adjacent to Buchanan Airport where the contractor will be required to follow the provisions of Title 14 CFR Part 77 for FAA compliance.


Construction schedule is expected to start mid-May 2021 and will span over two construction seasons due to the in-water work time period between May 1st  to October 31st. The assigned number of working days is 320 and the expected completion is Spring of 2023.


PreScience provides full CM Services including: Resident Engineering and Structure Rep, Structure and Civil Inspections, Labor Compliance, Construction Surveying (Rail Surveyors and Engineers Inc.), Materials Testing (Inspection Services Inc.), Public Outreach (AIMs Consulting), Environmental Oversight (ECORP Consulting Inc.) and CIDH GGL Testing (Abe Construction Services).


Thus far, the key project challenges are utility stakeholder coordination, schedule management for to material procurement and early contractor submittal approvals and environmental permit compliance.

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