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City of La Mirada Public Works

Bridge Projects Completed

  • 04-3A23U3: Airport I/C + Soundwall

  • 04-0A1853: Old Redwood Highway OC

  • 04-4H6003: Rivers End Ret Walls

  • 04-2E7203: Br. Deck Methacrylate OL

  • 04-264143: Jameson Canyon Soil Nail

  • 04-2640U3: Petaluma River Bridge

  • 04-1A3203: Scofield OH Deck Rehab

  • 04-2640K3: Reconstruct Lakeville IC

  • 04-2640G3: Widen Bridge & HMA

  • 04-264073: MSN B1 Redwood Landfill

  • 04-2E7603: Treat Bridge; Jt Replace

  • 04-1706U3: 5th Avenue Rte 880

  • 04-3A9223: Widen Mainline and Br

  • 04-3A9213: Widen Freeway, Replace OC

  • 04-294913: 4th Caldecott Tunnel & Bldg

  • 04-4A07U3: Rte 580 Truck Climbing Lane

  • 04-450203: Tie-back & Soil Nail Walls

  • 04-4A0103: McCune Creek Approach Slabs

  • 04-0A0903: Widen Alamo Creek Bridge

  • 04-0A0903: Richmond San Rafael

  • 04-1A2903: Laguna De Santa Rosa Br

  • 04-4S6203: Rock Point Tie-Back Wall

  • 04-2908V3: I-580 WB Widening

  • 04-2908C3: I-580 WB HOV Lane

  • 04-2908E3: I-580 Rdway Widen & Rehab

  • 04-265603: Replace San Pedro Creek Br

From 2014 to 2020, PreScience proudly provided construction support services for various transportation infrastructure improvement projects as a part of the City of La Mirada Capital Improvement Plan.

Featured Projects

  • La Mirada Blvd. Corridor Traffic Signal Upgrades

  • Alondra Blvd. at La Mirada Blvd. Intersection Improvement

  • Traffic Signal Upgrades and Improvements at Various Intersections

  • Traffic Signal Installation at Valley View Ave. and Adoree St. Intersection

  • Traffic Signal Installation at Artesia Blvd. and East Industry Cir. Intersection

  • Street Rehabilitation at I-5, Valley View Ave. and Stage Rd.

Significant Projects

IMG_6215 La Mirada Stage Rd.JPG

Street Rehabilitation at I-5, Valley View Ave. and Stage Rd.

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