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BART Contract No. 6M8107

Bridge Projects Completed

  • 04-3A23U3: Airport I/C + Soundwall

  • 04-0A1853: Old Redwood Highway OC

  • 04-4H6003: Rivers End Ret Walls

  • 04-2E7203: Br. Deck Methacrylate OL

  • 04-264143: Jameson Canyon Soil Nail

  • 04-2640U3: Petaluma River Bridge

  • 04-1A3203: Scofield OH Deck Rehab

  • 04-2640K3: Reconstruct Lakeville IC

  • 04-2640G3: Widen Bridge & HMA

  • 04-264073: MSN B1 Redwood Landfill

  • 04-2E7603: Treat Bridge; Jt Replace

  • 04-1706U3: 5th Avenue Rte 880

  • 04-3A9223: Widen Mainline and Br

  • 04-3A9213: Widen Freeway, Replace OC

  • 04-294913: 4th Caldecott Tunnel & Bldg

  • 04-4A07U3: Rte 580 Truck Climbing Lane

  • 04-450203: Tie-back & Soil Nail Walls

  • 04-4A0103: McCune Creek Approach Slabs

  • 04-0A0903: Widen Alamo Creek Bridge

  • 04-0A0903: Richmond San Rafael

  • 04-1A2903: Laguna De Santa Rosa Br

  • 04-4S6203: Rock Point Tie-Back Wall

  • 04-2908V3: I-580 WB Widening

  • 04-2908C3: I-580 WB HOV Lane

  • 04-2908E3: I-580 Rdway Widen & Rehab

  • 04-265603: Replace San Pedro Creek Br


Richmond - San Rafael Bridge Rehabilitation

As Prime CEI Consultant through BART Contract No. 6M8107, PreScience provided construction support services to Bay Area Rapid Transit for over 20 rail and transit construction projects throughout the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Featured Projects

  • CM ESP A-Line Aerials LM to Coliseum

  • PM/CM - Stations Division (Constructability/Engineering)

  • CM Concord Station Plaza Improvement

  • CM Accessibility Improvement Various Stations

  • Tunnel Design Evaluation - VTA SVSX

  • CRs for Embarcadero Station

  • Technical Support: VTA Extension Phase 2

  • RR Track Inspect & Safety Standards

  • Track Geometry Car Procurement

  • RR Material Management Services

  • eBART Bridge Management Program

  • M-Line 34.5 kV Cable Replacement

  • TBT Cross Passage Doors Replacement

  • SVBX Traction Power & Electrical Systems

Significant Projects


A-Line Aerials LM to Oakland Coliseum


Concord Station Plaza Improvement


Transbay Tube Cross Passage Doors Replacement


M-Line 34.5kV Cable Replacement

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